Kalo Chorio Oreinis Primary School

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Public Nursery School

The community’s Public Nursery School began its operation as a Community Nursery School in the school year 1991-1992 and operated in this way for two school years (1991-1992/ 1992-1993).

Originally, it was housed in a very small hall of the community’s church. Significant people, such as Father Christos Cheimonides and the educationalists Andreas Talantinis, Nicos Leontiou and Mikis Hadjigeorgiou, offered to help in any way possible so that our Community Nursery School would begin operating.

Then, after operating for two school years as a Community Nursery School, it became Public during the school year 1993-1994. The contribution of the first nursery school inspectors, the memorable Lito Papachristophorou and her sister Loula Papachristophorou, who “sacrificed” themselves for the preschool education of Cyprus, was crucial in converting our nursery school from a Community School to a Public school. As a Public Nursery School it continued to operate in the same hall for the following four years (1993-1994/1994-1995/1995-1996/1996-1997).

After superhuman efforts of the community, a new building is constructed at the most beautiful location of the community. The building is arranged with all appropriate spaces, and the Public Nursery School is transferred and housed there in the school year 1997-1998. The Children’s Club is also housed in the same building.

The inauguration ceremony for the Public Nursery School was held on May 28, 1999, by the president of the Republic of Cyprus at the time Mr Glafkos Clerides, and under the presence of the former inspector Loula Papachristophorou and many other officials.

This Nursery School continues to operate until today. This year it operates with 17 children, aged 3,4 and 5 years old, whereas it is staffed by two nursery school teachers, Mrs Eleni Theodorou and Mrs Maria Karasavva. There is also a school assistant, Mrs Antroulla Kyriakou.


Kalo Chorio Oreinis Community Nursery School

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